Don’t Get Squished by Compression Issues

Arquivo em: Map Printing / September 19, 2018

Incorporating photography as part of your upcoming map printing project? Being cautious about digital camera settings can help you avoid unexpected printed results. What photo quality settings should you utilize on your camera to ensure a crisp, clear, beautifully printed map?

Secrets to Working with Pantone

Arquivo em: Map Printing / September 13, 2018

In design, picking the right color can be a tricky business. There’s a lot to think about, from the brightness and color of the material your printing on to translucency and glossiness, to how the color will translate from your screen to the substrate. Each of these factors will affect the look of your printed […]

How Much Do Paper Maps Increase Carbon Footprint?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / September 10, 2018

Are your paper map creations contributing to climate change? Customers continue to cling to printed goods over digital, particularly with regard to maps. However, with the rate of climate change seemingly gaining momentum, it’s natural to be concerned about how the products you create affect the world in which you live. To understand the impact […]

Should You Be Using White Ink?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / September 5, 2018

Newbies to the printing arena are quick to overlook the importance (or the existence) of white ink, assuming little difference will be seen printing on white paper versus printing over white ink. If you’re one of the many that think white ink is superfluous, read on my friend, because you’re seriously missing out…

Could Thermoform be the Next Big Thing Following 3-D?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / August 15, 2018

Far from dead, print is everywhere, from traditionally flat brochures and billboards, to dimensionally different signage, such as those of chain restaurants and auto dealerships. And everywhere you look printing is undergoing a revolution, from 3D printers to the latest high-tech addition to the market: UV thermoforming inks. Creating dimensional signage, POP materials, and more […]

Putting the ‘Art’ in Cartography: 20th Century Female Mapmaking Pioneers

Arquivo em: Map Printing / August 13, 2018

Contributing to the world of mapmaking for centuries, yet working behind the scenes without recognition, female cartographers have gifted the world with an amazing array of data collection methods and mapmaking techniques. Influencing political and social agendas alongside the mapmaking industry with their work, over the course of the 20th century, female cartographers flocked to […]

Old Fashioned Maps Ensure Safe Summer Adventures

Arquivo em: Map Printing / August 7, 2018

Americans headed out for summer road trips, camping, and hiking treks are continuing to uncover the fallacy of relying solely on smart devices and electronic maps for navigation. Just one of the many reasons, after 80-years, the paper maps of AAA’s TripTiks continue to be a popular choice for travel goers nationwide.

Synthetic vs Lamination: The Difference it Can Make in Your Project

Arquivo em: Map Printing / August 1, 2018

When choosing your map printing parameters, is it best to choose a substrate that is durable in demanding conditions from the starting line, or opt for lamination as part of your finishing services?

Uncoated Paper: Skip ‘the Usual’ for Advanced Paper Tech & Brilliant Results

Arquivo em: Map Printing / July 24, 2018

When it comes time to print, paper choice is one of the most overlooked facets of mapmaking. It’s easy to assume paper products are all pretty similar – but they’re not. All uncoated papers are not created equal, and what you don’t know can make or break your mapmaking results.

How Women Helped Chart the Course of a Nation

Arquivo em: Map Printing / July 18, 2018

In our first installment on female pioneers in the world of mapmaking, we discussed the largely overlooked contributions of women in mapmaking over the course of history. In the explosive 19th century, women continue to work behind-the-scenes, aiding in the creation of maps, showcasing boundaries and beliefs, ideas and agendas, and attempting to make sense […]