Spotlight: Mohawk Synthetics

Arquivo em: Map Printing / July 13, 2018

Looking for a map printing substrate built to stand up moisture and added wear-and-tear? It’s time to look beyond lamination. Mohawk offers an array of synthetic papers built-to-last, yet retaining the flexibility of traditional paper choices.

Unrecognized Pioneers: Women in Mapmaking

Arquivo em: Map Printing / July 6, 2018

In a world where women were banned from the universities and ships where maps were created, women cartographers throughout history struggled through many challenges. Even in their own family-run businesses, where they toiled in engraving, coloring, stitching and contributing to the creation of maps, the skills of women in map printing remained largely unrecognized. Seemingly […]

Hop-Syn Synthetic Paper: A Greener, Tougher Lamination Alternative

Arquivo em: Map Printing / June 15, 2018

Still lost in the land of lamination in your attempts to increase the durability of your maps? Get out of the dark ages with affordable and environmentally friendly Hop-Syn synthetic substrates. Offering a wide range of substrate options, Hop-Syn synthetic substrates offer an ideal solution for toughening up and preserving the lifespan of today’s map […]

Print Quality: Does Image Size Matter?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / June 12, 2018

Back in the good old days of camera film, there was no such thing as ‘file size.’ Everything on the roll was the same ‘size.’ Today, it’s a different story, with everything from phones to tablets and digital cameras touting their digital DPI or PPI credentials. Both a blessing and a curse, this has resulted […]

How Offset Lithography Printing Works

Arquivo em: Map Printing / June 7, 2018

  Often thought of as ‘the old reliable’ in an increasingly digital world, offset lithography printing is still going strong, cranking out more than 75% of today’s printing jobs. What is it about this technology that has helped it remain center-stage in the print industry for over 100 years?

Maps that Help You Make Sense of the World

Arquivo em: Map Printing / June 4, 2018

The best map designs showcase data in a way that leaves little to no room for misinterpretation. This sounds easy, but when it comes to creating a map, can prove surprisingly challenging. How does your map bring data to life, helping readers make sense of the world? Gain inspiration from these striking map examples…

10 Typeface Tips for User-Friendly Map Design

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 22, 2018

Maps are hard enough to decipher. Jam-packed with imagery and information, they can be a lot to take-in. Typeface plays a huge role in this dynamic, helping readers quickly identify necessary information, or sending them in search of other, more easily decipherable sources.

Don’t Throw Those Paper Maps in the Garbage! 20 Ways to Re-Use Old Maps

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 16, 2018

About to toss those old travel guides, maps, and atlases? Even the most outdated maps still have a little life left in them. Slow down, take a look around, and let those old maps lead you on an all-new adventure.  

Offset vs. Digital Printing: Finding the Right Printing Solution for Your Project

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 9, 2018

With all the advancements in digital printing technology, could it be time for a switch from tried-and-true offset on your next map printing project? Offset and digital each have benefits and drawbacks. The key to selecting the most suitable printing solution for your upcoming map printing projects lies in the details…

Creatively Convenient: Crumpled City Maps

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 2, 2018

  Tired travelers bored of battling the microscopic confines of smartphone screens in their attempts to navigate new cities are finding a fun and functional alternative to typical on and off-screen map fare: Crumpled city maps.