10 Typeface Tips for User-Friendly Map Design

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 22, 2018

Maps are hard enough to decipher. Jam-packed with imagery and information, they can be a lot to take-in. Typeface plays a huge role in this dynamic, helping readers quickly identify necessary information, or sending them in search of other, more easily decipherable sources.

Don’t Throw Those Paper Maps in the Garbage! 20 Ways to Re-Use Old Maps

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 16, 2018

About to toss those old travel guides, maps, and atlases? Even the most outdated maps still have a little life left in them. Slow down, take a look around, and let those old maps lead you on an all-new adventure.  

Offset vs. Digital Printing: Finding the Right Printing Solution for Your Project

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 9, 2018

With all the advancements in digital printing technology, could it be time for a switch from tried-and-true offset on your next map printing project? Offset and digital each have benefits and drawbacks. The key to selecting the most suitable printing solution for your upcoming map printing projects lies in the details…

Creatively Convenient: Crumpled City Maps

Arquivo em: Map Printing / May 2, 2018

  Tired travelers bored of battling the microscopic confines of smartphone screens in their attempts to navigate new cities are finding a fun and functional alternative to typical on and off-screen map fare: Crumpled city maps.

Don’t Skip this Last Digital File Step Prep! Outlining Fonts

Arquivo em: Map Printing / April 23, 2018

After designing your map and before submitting your digital file for print, it is essential to ensure your fonts are converted to outlines. What does this mean? Converting your font to outlines turns your text into a graphic image.

Waterproof Map Design? Synthetics Surpass Lamination

Arquivo em: Map Printing / April 17, 2018

Designing a map for outdoor use? Paper has its limits, leaving many to explore the realm of more resilient map designs. Though many unwittingly lean on lamination, there is a better way: Synthetic stocks. It is a common misconception waterproof stocks are too expensive, and lamination offers a more affordable option. However not only are […]

Who Has Custom Map Printing Done?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / April 9, 2018

Custom-printed maps are used by a variety of industries, from privately-owned businesses to public organizations, ranging from the local campground to state utilities and the federal government. An ideal way to organize and disseminate information, such an array of specialty projects requires the skills of an experienced map printer to ensure successful results.

Trail Map Printing: Don’t Get Lost in the Process

Arquivo em: Map Printing / April 3, 2018

  Properly designed, trail maps play an integral role in helping explorers successfully navigate off-the-beaten path routes. Commonly used by variety of parks and nature preserves, visitor centers, tour operators, resorts and other venue with paths to explore, trail maps can be accomplished with a very simple design – or incredibly detailed – leading many […]

What Makes Map Printer a Map Printing Specialist?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / March 20, 2018

Printing maps is about more than downloading a digital find and hitting ‘send to printer.’ The best map printing presses are more than your run-of-the-mill, high-output ink or laser jet. Map printing is an art form, from digital file awareness, to the wide-variety of printing substrates and styles and finishing techniques: Rolled, uncoated FSC certified […]

Is Your Map Project Large Format?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / March 12, 2018

Map Lingo: Large Format – Are You Hearing What We’re Puttin’ Down? Map printing project large and in-charge? Sometimes a larger map can communicate information much more effectively, however to produce it, you may require specialty printing equipment to pull-off your project. Is your next map printing job ‘large format?’