What Specialty Map Printing Equipment Do We Use to Plot Your Course?

At MapPrinter.com we have the printing tools, technology, and more than 60 years of industry experience necessary for achieving outstanding map results. From proofing through output and finishing, our map printing, folding, and finishing equipment offers the very latest in map printing technology.

What Map Printers make a difference?

Epson 9900 Color Plotter

Ourthree Epson 9900 Color Plotterswith inline spectrophotometry sets your project on the path to a printed success, providing a contract proof that will be identical to your printed results, surpassing ISO standards and ensuring excellent color matching results. Very few commercial printing companies have invested in the technology MapPrinter.com has to achieve the results of these specialty printers.

GRACoL® 7 Certified Master Printer

Our G7 Certified Master Printer system employs strict color management processes, guaranteeing our map printing work matches the proofs we provide. We render your files with the highest resolution utilizing Kodak’s proprietary pre-press Prinergy and Insite software and Staccato stochastic screening technology.We can produce the finest detail, crispness and consistency with a 20 micron dot and screening that outpaces 98% of commercial printers’ output results.

Komori G40 8-Color PerfectorHUV Presswith UV Coater

In addition to delivering the highest levels of print quality, the Komori G40 8-color HUV printing press was designed to meet today’s highest environmental expectations. Komori’s innovative HUV ink curing system, combined with superior print quality and synthetic stock creates a stunning waterproof map.We negate the need to apply aqueous coating for image protection by curing inline, achieving speedy, stellarresults that are safe for the environment. No VOC’s or ozone are emitted into the atmosphere and our, chain of custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),as allows us to provide that unique logo with FSC Certified papers.

HP Indigo 7500 Digital Color Press

Advanced control systems for high color consistency and uniformity are embedded in the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press. Delivering the widest and most accurate digital color gamut on the market, this state of the art digital press offers up to seven ink stations allowing PANTONE® emulation for up to 97% of PANTONE® colors. The press supports a wide range of substrates, including coated, uncoated, synthetic, specialty media, and even thick substrates up to 18 pt. A white ink option enables the printing of on specialized substrates, including transparent, metallic and colored media.

HP LX800 Wideformat Latex Printer

With up to 1200 dpi resolution, a variety of printing substrate options, our HP LX800 Wideformat Printer gives you indoor/outdoor display application versatility and finished products up to 3 meters wide. The latex ink system produces a wide color gamut and outstanding image quality.

Taking You the Distance

At MapPrinter.com, we don’t just stop at top-of-the-line map printing equipment, we also employ technologically advanced and high quality finishing tools.With seven different map folding machines to meet your design needs — including our two, custom-designed German-engineered map folders,allowing us to deliver any fold you can imagine, from cross folds to accordion and storied maps. We also offer top-quality lamination, drilling, binding, stitching, and packaging services to meet your specific needs.

Leading You to Success

Every map project is unique. When it comes to the creation of your product, quality and experience count. Our highly experienced press operators have combined industry experience of 100+ years, with the attention to detail and skill to produce impeccable results on a variety of printing substrates, which we have been providing to some of the world’s largest businesses and industries for years. Put simply, we hit the mark with registration, color balance, quality, and service every time. Whether it’s your first map printing foray or you’re a seasoned veteran, at MapPrinter.com we understand your needs, we speak the language, and we have the ability to produce the maps you’ve created to your highest standard expectations.

You won’t accept substandard results from printers who call themselves map printers, but haven’t backed up their claims with heavy investment in technology or labor. Experience the difference knowledge and quality can make. Contact MapPrinter.com today.

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"I have been printing maps with Vision Graphics since 2009. I had no experience with professional printing when I started my company. Vision Graphics was very helpful introducing me to the process and capabilities of professional printing. I was very impressed with how they handled my novice experience in printing and 8 years later I am still happy to be printing with them. I had one other local company print a map and it did not compare in quality to Vision Graphics. For map printing they are hands down the go to print shop."
Farid Tabaian, Owner / Chief Cartographer.
Singletrack Maps, LLC