The Art of the Map Folding Process

Bringing the content of your map to life through printing is only the start of your map making journey. Developing your map to stand up to the rigors of its intended use is an essential piece of the map making puzzle, one of the keys to which is the map folding process. To achieve success, a map printing company with experience in map printing and folding is essential. What should you look for to ensure results?

Design assistance

Designing your map folds is, in essence, a mathematical problem. As the number of panels increase, so does the number of ways you can choose to fold your completed map into its intended shape. Layout issues, such as wrapping, bleeds, and where to place the cover and other key panels so as to be functional and line up properly following map printing and folding, all add to the complex puzzle of print layout and map folding. At, our skilled, experienced map printing consultants can help you determine the perfect fold style and proper placement of key design elements with the help of the latest technology, calculating and illustrating possible map folds to help you find the perfect fit for your project. Which is the best fit for your map printing and folding needs?

  • Half fold
  • Quarter fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Roll fold
  • Parallel fold
  • Gate fold
  • Double gate
  • Z fold

The right equipment

Map folding is unique, complicated, and requires the use of highly specialized equipment only available at a specialized map printing company to properly produce a true map fold. That’s why at, our map printing and folding lineup includes 7 different folding machines, each with unique capabilities from accordion folds to cross folds and book-foldmaps, including two custom-made German folding machines with the capacity to produce 10 parallel folds in the first unit, and 6 in the second, offering you added versatility in sizing and folding options.

Operator expertise

At, our press operators providea combined 100+ years of industry experience, ensuring map folding and printing perfection on each and every unique map project that comes through our doors. Our map printing company has the skill, industry experience, and attention to detail you won’t find at your average print shop, allowing us to provide superior registration and color balance and deliver superior results.

Have you found yourself lost on your map printing and folding journey? At, we’re more than just a map printing company – we’re here to guide you through the entire map printing process, ensuring winning map results. Let us help guide you on your quest. Contact today.

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"I have been printing maps with Vision Graphics since 2009. I had no experience with professional printing when I started my company. Vision Graphics was very helpful introducing me to the process and capabilities of professional printing. I was very impressed with how they handled my novice experience in printing and 8 years later I am still happy to be printing with them. I had one other local company print a map and it did not compare in quality to Vision Graphics. For map printing they are hands down the go to print shop."
Farid Tabaian, Owner / Chief Cartographer.
Singletrack Maps, LLC