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From research mode to ready-to-go, has everything covered. We offer the custom map printing services you need to take you from overwhelmed to overjoyed, providing careful step-by-step consultation from our industry experts alongside the latest in map printing technology. From Kodak’s proprietary prepress software with Staccato stochastic screening technology, to our amazing high resolution Komori G40 8-Color HUV Perfector, GRACoL® 7 Certified Master Printer certification, and 7 different folding machines, we are ready to help!

Need a map printed?

Help us ensure the most accurate pricing for your custom map quote with this information:

Map size

We offer maps in sizes from 3×3 cards, to 28×40 inches on the HUV Press, up to our largest finished format, 3 meters wide on our LX800 digital latex printer, with custom trim sizes available for those times when standard sizing simply will not suffice.

File type

Please supply all map files. High-resolution PDF is preferable, but we can handle many other file types for map production, depending on file quality.


We can run just a handful on your short-run digitally-printed titles, or quickly and easily process mega-batches to suit your custom printing services needs.

Paper type and weight

We offer Hop-Synsynthetic papers, premium matte and glossy coated stock, heavy weight stock, and synthetic and printable plastics. Not sure which medium will make the most of your map? We’re happy to help you decide.

Paper coating requirements

In addition to our UV curing process, we also offer an array of varnishes and aqueous coatings in a variety of finishes and tints, as well as large format lamination services. Don’t know a thing about coatings? Our friendly customer service reps are standing by with the information you need.


From simple black and white and 4 color process prints (CMYK) to added Pantone colors, we have the ink options you need to achieve color perfection.


We offer a variety of folds, and are happy to help you select the most functional true map fold for your project. Don’t see your preferred fold, need a custom design, or simply lost? Just ask.

  • Accordian fold
  • Book fold
  • Half fold
  • Cross/Quarter/French fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Roll fold
  • Parallel fold
  • Gate fold
  • Double gate
  • Z fold

In addition to custom printing services and folding, we also offer lamination, drilling, binding, stitching, shrinkwrapping, and packaging services to ensure when your job arrives on-site, its ready to go.

Deadline requirements

Please share your turnaround time so we can ensure we meet your required deadline.
As a map developer, you know that information is essential. As you’re gathering yours, we’re happy to provide you with the printing services information you need for success. Ensure a smooth journey with the custom printing services of Contact us today.

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"I have been printing maps with Vision Graphics since 2009. I had no experience with professional printing when I started my company. Vision Graphics was very helpful introducing me to the process and capabilities of professional printing. I was very impressed with how they handled my novice experience in printing and 8 years later I am still happy to be printing with them. I had one other local company print a map and it did not compare in quality to Vision Graphics. For map printing they are hands down the go to print shop."
Farid Tabaian, Owner / Chief Cartographer.
Singletrack Maps, LLC