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Speaking to map printing companies and understanding the available map printing services and the process can by overwhelming, especially for those making their initial trek. Fortunately, the knowledgeable professionals at are here to help, with directions and detours for everything you’ll encounter on your map printing journey, from pre-press to map folding and packaging.

Feeling Lost?

Whether you need a small, garden variety black and white map or an enormous and intricately colored foldout,, unlike many map printing companies, is here to help. No project is too large or too small for our customer care team who are happy to help with any printing and map folding project, even titles with as few as 1,000 pieces.

The Service You Need for Top-Notch Printed Map Results:


From the moment you provide us with your digital map files, we’ll put our expertise to work for you, ensuring you get the crisp, vibrant end results you desire by providing a color-matched proof that is an actual representation of the final, finished product, fresh off our state-of-the-art GRACoL® 7 Certified proofing device. Once you approve it, we’ll print it, then complete the map folding and finishing services you need, shipping it direct to your venue.


We’ll walk you step-by-step through the printing process, helping you achieve the results you want through proper paper selection by attaining an in-depth understanding of your project’s purpose. To ensure your map is built-to-last for its intended use, we offer a variety of substrates to uphold your map’s quality, including:

  • Hop-Synsynthetic papersfor superior weather and water durability.
  • Synthetic and printable plastics for improved print quality, moisture resistance, and durability on a coating-free substrate.
  • Premium matte and glossy coated stock for books and small, flat maps.
  • Heavy weight stock, perfect for preventing sags on wall-hung maps.
Map folding

Unlike your average print shop, our facilities house two custom-made map folding machines, designed to handle a broad array of unique, intricate map folds. Operated by some of the industry’s most experienced press operators, our true map folding process offers the versatility in folding options and finish size you need to achieve stellar results, providing up to 10 parallel folds in our first folding unit, and 6 in the subsequent, ensuring no matter how complicated your folding needs, can fold your creation to exacting standards.


Our specialty equipment can provide lamination of items prior to map folding, as well as flat, large format lamination up to 28 by 40 inches. Looking for superior, folded, waterproof map capabilities? Ask our friendly customer service representatives about our synthetic printable plastics stocks instead.


Because there is no standard output for maps, we offer a variety of finishing services to help you achieve your end results:

  • Lamination
  • Map folding
  • Cutting and trimming
  • Saddle stitching
  • Perfect bind/softcover map production
  • Custom packaging

For those that frequent trade shows, also offers displays to help you showcase your products, including POP pull-out banners, wallpaper, and more via our specialty wide format HP LX800latex printer in sizes up to 3 meters wide.

Don’t get lost in a sea of confusion and complication on your map printing journey. Experience the difference a specialty map printer can make. Contact today.

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"I have been printing maps with Vision Graphics since 2009. I had no experience with professional printing when I started my company. Vision Graphics was very helpful introducing me to the process and capabilities of professional printing. I was very impressed with how they handled my novice experience in printing and 8 years later I am still happy to be printing with them. I had one other local company print a map and it did not compare in quality to Vision Graphics. For map printing they are hands down the go to print shop."
Farid Tabaian, Owner / Chief Cartographer.
Singletrack Maps, LLC