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Map Printing and Folding

AtMapPrinter, we combine experience and technology to achieve stellar map printing and folding results. How do we deliver such industry-leading finished products to your doorstep?

Unparalleled Experience

A subsidiary of Vison Graphics, one of the 400 largest printing companies in the nation, we hold more than 60 years industry experience – includingover 100 years of combined press operator experience. We’ve made a map or two and know how to marry your map’s distinctive purpose with the perfect substrate, folding design, and finishing selections to create amazing results, guiding new clients through the process, and keeping seasoned veterans up-to-date on the latest mapmaking substrate and technology additions, to bring even the most challenging custom map projects to life.

Cutting Edge Technology

Offering the very latest in map printing technology, MapPrinter is home to proprietary Kodak pre-press software with Staccato stochastic screening technology, a high-resolution Komori G40 8-Color HUV Perfector, and holds GRACoL® 7 Certified Master Printer certification. Our wide assortment of folding machines and finishing techniques allow us to achieve impeccable results on an array of printing substrates, including sustainably produced, earth-friendly, Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) certified finished maps.

Serving the World’s Largest Businesses & Industries

Our highly-experienced press operators have served the mapmaking needs of the world’s largest industries and businesses for years, meeting the highest standards of expectations and ensuring repeat customers time and time again. From massive mapping endeavors to small custom map runs of as few as 1,000 pieces, nothing is beyond our ability to produce, from tiny 3×3 cards to large format projects up to 28 by 40 inches…

A Wide Variety of Maps
  • State and local maps
  • Highway/street maps
  • Guide and park maps
  • Hiking, fishing and trail maps
  • Soil and vegetation maps
  • Aeronautical/flight maps
  • Nautical and bathymetric maps
  • Geologic and topographic maps
  • Oil and gas maps
Amazing Folds
  • Half, quarter, and tri-folds
  • Cross fold
  • Accordion fold
  • Roll fold
  • Parallel fold
  • Gate/Double-gate fold
  • Z-fold
  • Storied maps
Fantastic Finishing
  • Lamination
  • Custom cutting and trimming
  • Saddle stitching
  • Perfect binding
  • Custom packaging solutions

From first-time map producers to mapmaking authorities, come experience the difference our professional map printing services and technology can bring to your finished map results. Contact MapPrinter today.

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