Old Fashioned Maps Ensure Safe Summer Adventures

Arquivo em: Map Printing / August 7, 2018

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Americans headed out for summer road trips, camping, and hiking treks are continuing to uncover the fallacy of relying solely on smart devices and electronic maps for navigation. Just one of the many reasons, after 80-years, the paper maps of AAA’s TripTiks continue to be a popular choice for travel goers nationwide.

Paper Maps are Forever Reliable

Since the first TripTiks of 1937 to the present, people continue to rely on paper maps, not just for summer adventures, but year-round. The reasoning is simple. No one regrets having a paper map. Paper maps won’t overheat or die like your cell phone. Imagery won’t disappear from a lost signal or eat up your data. Paper maps aren’t hard to read in the sunlight. And they won’t think you’re somewhere you’re not – or tell you where you’re going doesn’t exist.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Good, but not perfect, the small screenshots of GPS and mobile maps simply cannot evoke the same perspective as those on paper. Digital displays are small and unable to perform one seemingly insignificant yet integral function paper maps can: Unfold, allowing you to see both the big picture and the little picture at the same time, in detail. With paper maps, unlike GPS and mobile versions, the details never disappear. What’s more, paper maps offer users the option to notate where they’ve been – and where they’re going. Draw a line or make a note of a favored stop, customizing your map to summer adventure endlessly to your heart’s desire, keeping information easily on-hand for later use.

The Sales of Paper Maps Continues to Hold Steady

Despite the invent of GPS and mobile maps, paper maps continue to guide generations of travelers, with sales holding steady, and in some cases, increasing. Hikers depend on paper maps. AAA alone distributed almost 42,000 paper TripTiks just in 2014. Though they do offer a mobile version, paper versions of TripTiks continue to be an ever-popular AAA member feature. Tactilely and visually pleasing, paper maps also make excellent summer vacation souvenirs – a memento of exactly where you went.

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