What Makes Map Printer a Map Printing Specialist?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / March 20, 2018

map printing

Printing maps is about more than downloading a digital find and hitting ‘send to printer.’ The best map printing presses are more than your run-of-the-mill, high-output ink or laser jet. Map printing is an art form, from digital file awareness, to the wide-variety of printing substrates and styles and finishing techniques: Rolled, uncoated FSC certified paper; synthetic printable plastic sheets; not to mention the glut of specialty inks, coatings, and finishing technology that can take a project from simple to stunning…  It is the ideal marriage of these components that results in map printing perfection, the knowledge of which is only found in that of a map printing specialist.

A division of Vision Graphics, one of the leading and largest printing companies in the U.S., MapPrinter has been navigating the world of map printing for more than 60 years. Bringing 100 years of combined experience to the table, we excel at helping our customers achieve impeccable results, providing expert, step-by-step consultation from concept to delivery. Producing maps for some of the world’s largest industries and businesses for decades, we have the expertise and equipment to help you achieve your map’s distinctive purpose through the perfect combination of substrates, folding techniques, and finishing selections, from small, custom map runs to massive map printing endeavors.


The complex and colorful layers today’s complex cartography files requires a skilled map printing specialist with an eye for detail to achieve optimal color balance and clarity. To ensure our customers get the results they expect from their printed map product, MapPrinter employs the latest in color-matched proofing technology. Our GRACoL® 7 Certified Master Printing System surpasses ISO standards, guaranteeing your finished results will match the proof we provide. Map files, rendered for printing
on one of our three Epson 9900 Color Plotters with inline spectrophotometry with Kodak’s proprietary pre-press Prinergy and Insite software and Staccato stochastic screening technology, provide a contract proof to the highest resolution that is an identical representation of post-press results. Very few commercial print shops have invested in such cutting-edge, specialty map printing technology.


Once your project is approved for print, our state-of-the-art presses deliver the highest level of print quality on the market, from our earth-friendly Komori G40 8-Color Printing Press with HUV-curing technology, to our HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press with emulation for up to 97% of Pantone colors, and HP LX800 Wide Format Printer for finished projects up to 3 meters wide. Registration is always on-point, and our finishing options and equipment among the most diverse in the business. One of the few map printers capable of offering a true map fold, our seven folding machines, including two, custom-designed German-engineered map folders, can achieve nearly any map fold imaginable. We also offer top-quality drilling, binding, stitching, and lamination services, including wide format lamination up to 28×40 inches.


Don’t fall for the substandard results of imitators. We’ve got the skills you need to bring your most challenging map printing project to life. Contact the map printing specialists at MapPrinter and discover the difference our industry-leading, competitively priced services can make in your map printing project today.