Is Your Map Project Large Format?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / March 12, 2018

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Map Lingo: Large Format – Are You Hearing What We’re Puttin’ Down?

Map printing project large and in-charge? Sometimes a larger map can communicate information much more effectively, however to produce it, you may require specialty printing equipment to pull-off your project. Is your next map printing job ‘large format?’

Why ‘Large Format’ Printing is So Confusing

The definition of ‘large format,’ also sometimes referred to as ‘wide format’ or ‘grand format,’ differs for each print shop you peruse. Why? The definition of ‘large format’ varies is dependent on the devices your printer uses. Each commercial press has a maximum paper size that is compatible for its dimensions, causing maximum print sizes to vary from printer to printer.

What’s the Big Deal?

Large format jobs require specialized presses designed to handle overly large substrate sheets, or even substrate rolls. If you want your project folded, folding machines must also be sized and equipped to handle the complex folds of large, more difficult to manage, substrate sheets. Just a few of the reasons specialized map printing experience and equipment is key to winning large format map printing project results, and why so few printers are able to successfully produce large format maps.

Is Your Job Ginormous?

Common large format jobs include maps for call center environments for showcasing sales territories or activity, as well as those for public safety processes, such as search and rescue. These maps may either be flat or foldable. Not sure if your upcoming map project fits the bill? If your map is the size of the average teenager’s wall poster, stretches to the length of a child’s growth chart or birthday banner, or reaches store signage or even billboard proportions, you likely need a large format printer. If your job stretches to 100+ inch proportions, you are firmly in the ‘super wide format’ genre.

MapPrinter can Handle an Array of Large Format Map Printing Needs

At MapPrinter, we’re decked-out to handle larger map printing needs, including indoor and outdoor products up to 3 meters wide. Our industry-leading Komori G40 8-Color HUV Printing Press can rapidly reproduce maps up to 28×40 inches. For larger projects up to 3 meters wide, the latex ink system of our HP LX800 Wideformat Printer produces outstanding image quality. With up to 1200 dpi resolution on a variety of substrates, this specialty large format printer provides outstanding image quality for any map printing design, from flat to folded and even freestanding map projects.

Big worries over your large format map printing project? Before submitting – or even creating – your large format project, be sure to contact the experts at MapPrinter to avoid common large format pitfalls and ensure successful map printing results. Size matters. Make sure your project is up to snuff. Contact the experts at MapPrinter today.