How Often Should You Replace Those Old Paper Maps?

Arquivo em: Map Printing / November 29, 2017

One of the most common questions a map producer is asked by customers is, “How often do you update your paper maps?” Those new to map production often wonder the same. With the ever-constant updating of software in today’s digital era, are they lagging behind the times?  There is, unfortunately, no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer…


The Frequency of Updating a Paper Map Should Vary Based on a Variety of Factors:

  • The number of changes since the previous revision.
    The number (and extent) of changes since the last revision is an obvious factor. A roadmap of an area with a recently added toll expressway would be a prime candidate, as would a mountain trail map following an avalanche… A rural area map with minimal additions, not so much.
  • The popularity of the map.
    A map of a popular area (such as Great Smoky Mountains National Park) should be updated more often than that of a less traversed one (such as the remote and cold North Cascades National Park in Washington). However this should also be affected by the addition of new footpaths, roads, or facilities.
  • Stock depletion.
    When a superseded edition is depleted, it’s obviously time for a new run. (The trick here is often anticipating the depletion and what changes/additions are necessary.)
  • Financial and environmental considerations.
    For those on a limited budget or those looking to minimize environmental waste, waiting on updating a map until previous editions have run out may be preferable, particularly if there are minimal map changes.

  • The occasional map printing mistake does unfortunately happen. Look at each instance individually. However barring something especially heinous (such as a Nigera Falls/Niagara Falls typo… or mislabeling I-75 as I-72…), simply logging the mistake until the next revision will typically suffice.

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