The Path to Better Printed Results

Arquivo em: Map Printing / November 17, 2017

Perfectly created digital map printing file burning a hole in your outbox? Hold on to your horses. Before you send your project off to the presses, avoid assumptions that could send those precious printed results to the recycle bin.

Have You Spoken with Your Printer Yet?

Communication is key to celebratory results. Each map printing project is customized, encompassing a unique set of details between design and production of the final map. The best results come from conversations that begin early in this process. Not after an ‘uh-oh,’ post-press moment. Before sending your project off, be sure you’ve discussed paper and folding options with your printer – and how these might change the printed results of your map file.


Clearly Defined Expectations are Key to Project Success

To ensure your project results in tears of joy rather than tears of disbelief, begin with a firm foundation of understanding between yourself and your map printer. Prior to beginning file creation – and especially before sending your file to print – discuss critical aspects of your project, showcasing examples of results you like/expect.


Conversations Have Concluded & My Project is Complete… Now What?

You’re very close to sending your completed and thoroughly proofed digital file (LINK TO THIS MONTH BLOG 1: How to Create an Epic Map) to the printer. But first be sure to…

  • Verify selections.
    Do you have your paper selections, including brand, color, weight, and finish – in writing? Every department from pre-press through folding and finishing will setup the job based on these choices. Proper planning protects timing and quality.
  • Ask for a dummy.
    This can reveal any folding/binding snafus. Your digital proof will be used for color, type, and position, and will not showcase these features of your map.
  • Discuss proofs.
    When can you expect to receive proofs, and what date should they be returned? If changes are made to content or the printing and finishing process, expect time and cost changes, as well as an additional proof before the process moves forward.
  • Proof it again.
    Before signing the final time, proof your project again, enlisting a fresh set of eyes from someone you trust (one unfamiliar with the project). In addition to content, don’t forget to proof for:

    • Are the tones what you expected? The color on your proof will match your printed results exactly.
    • Dot gain.
      Are edges crisp? Are images dark or plugged-in?

    • Do you see any strange scratches, spots, hickies, ghosting, or broken/missing type?

    • Look at trapping. Are colors overlapping/causing a dark line? Are colors not touching where they should? Is knock-out text aligned properly? Check the targets.
    • Trim marks.
      Are they properly positioned for the final cut?
  • Double-check press dates and delivery dates.
    Any last minute changes you make will effect delivery timing.


At MapPrinter, we know the key to success on the press is communication. Printing is an art with a myriad of variables, especially on custom map projects. That’s why we always have experienced map printing professionals standing by to help you on your map printing journey, from pre-press to finishing. Let us help you create extraordinary results. Contact Map Printer today.