Map Printing Finishes: Varnishes & Aqueous Coatings

Arquivo em: Map Printing / November 3, 2017

Considering map printing finishes such as varnishes and aqueous coatings for your upcoming project? You may be overcomplicating things. Once a necessity to achieve image clarity, protect against scratching, and facilitate drying on synthetic map substrates, varnishes and aqueous coatings have become antiquated in the map printing arena due to the introduction of HUV printing.


Why Have these Finishes Fallen to the Wayside?

Except for those striving for a particular artistic effect, the HUV printing process has rendered varnishes and aqueous coatings unnecessary from a printing and functional perspective. And there are many reasons for this switch. HUV inks….

  • Dry instantly without the need for added coatings – even on synthetics.
  • Work with both traditional paper and synthetic waterproof maps.
  • Boost speed and efficiency, requiring fewer during and post-press processes.
  • Remain smooth, retaining the original surface characteristics of the paper.
  • Deliver vibrant color on a range of substrates – gloss to matte – coated to uncoated.
  • Provide clear, crisp text and imagery without the need for extra coatings, labor, energy use, and costs.
  • Emit no VOCs or ozone, allowing for FSC certified, environmentally friendly printing.

A Far Cry from Its UV Predecessors

Some are unsure of HUV printing at the onset, fearing it is like its UV predecessors. However, unlike antiquated UV ink technology, the HUV process requires minimal exposure time. More sensitive to light, HUV inks require fewer lamps, dramatically reducing energy use necessary for curing. Unlike heat and ozone generating UV printing, the HUV process creates no VOC or ozone emissions, and 75% less CO2, achieving the performance benefits of UV ink in a way that is environmentally friendly for both print shop customers and workers – and the earth.


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