Size is a Critical Component of Any Map Creation from Cost to Customer Satisfaction

Arquivo em: Map Printing / August 24, 2017

map printingDo you know the precise finished dimensions of your upcoming or current map project, including its printed, finished, and folded size? If you’ve already begun compiling your digital files before narrowing down these critical details, you’re putting the cart before the horse.


Whoa, Step Back!

The first step to producing any map should be to identify a map that is as close to your desired finished product as possible, including size, fold, subsequent number of panels and positioning. Finding such a map prevents you from “reinventing the wheel,” serving as your own roadmap through the design and printing process. Once you’ve found this prime example of your desired design – and before moving forward – it is then integral to contact your chosen map printing professional to discuss the possibilities of accomplishing a similar result with your upcoming project. This is essential in identifying and rectifying any cost hurdles and possible design roadblocks you might encounter before engaging in the digital file accumulation and design process, and can prevent costly and time-consuming mistakes later down the road.


What Problems Can Be Prevented?

By finding a map doppelganger and consulting an experienced map printer to determine sizing and layout requirements prior to digital design, you can avoid a slew of issues, such as…

  • Working within the constraints of paper sizes to avoid unnecessary or unexpected expense. (Standard/maximum sizes for each substrate fall within different parameters.)
  • Improper map layouts that result in panels presenting incorrect/out-of-order information.
  • Finished sizing that is off, resulting in incompatibilities with display fit, mailing capabilities or end-user ease-of-use (won’t fit in pocket, glove box, etc.).
  • Conflicts with non-standard symbology or color standards.
  • Issues with scale, resulting in too little (or an overwhelming amount of) detail.


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