Stochastic Screen Services Define Successful Map Printing

Arquivo em: Map Printing / July 12, 2017

map printingWith a name like something out of a Star Trek novel, Kodak’s Staccato stochastic screening services truly offer advanced map printing technology, producing high-integrity, continuous tone images with fine detail and an extended color gamut. Sound like Greek to you? Let us translate…


What’s Really the Difference Between Stochastic & Conventional Printing?

  • Higher Definition Printing
    Compared to the orderly, regularly dot pattern of AM screen printing, Staccato stochastic screening software creates a randomized pattern of microdots to create color, utilizing a higher concentration of micro dots to create dark colors and eliminate white space, and a lower concentration with lighter colors in the spectrum. This unique, randomized dot pattern eliminates moire patterns and produces smoother gradients, allowing for far greater detail than traditional methods – even when images are enlarged several times.
  • Photo-Realistic Quality
    The super-fine, irregular dot pattern of Staccato stochastic screening reflects light off the substrate more efficiently without creating a harsh glare, offering a wider CMYK color gamut than traditional AM screens in every tonal range, and allowing for continuous tone photographic reproduction.
  • Better Registration
    The regular dot pattern of traditional AM screening makes precise registration (rosette shape) essential to quality. Even a minute mis-registration can destroy print/image quality. With the randomized dots of stochastic screening, however, there is no pattern/rosette to interrupt, with minor flaws having little to no impact on the print.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Stochastic screening reduces ink consumption up to 10%, with less dot ‘pooling’ than conventional screening. Fewer copies are necessary for registration, and ink dries faster with stochastic screening as well. This increases efficiency and reduces waste, creating savings that is ultimately passed on to customers.


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